Kansas Auto Insurance Discounts Available

Many Kansas auto insurance companies offer discounts to their customers, and if you want to avoid paying too much for your coverage you should ask which ones you qualify for. If you have a clean driving record and have been accident-free for several years, you would qualify for lower pricing on your car insurance coverage.

If you have taken a Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course, your insurance company will offer you a discount on your premiums as well. State law requires them to offer this discount to their customers.

New drivers who have taken a driver’s education course can also get a discount on the cost of their coverage. Be sure to ask whether the one you are considering is recognized by your insurer before you sign up. Students under the age of 25 who maintain good grades (B average or better) also qualify for discounts. Mature drivers (between 50-65 years of age) are less likely to be involved in accidents than younger people, and they can also get a discount on the cost of their coverage.

Buying your car insurance from the same company as your homeowners’ policy means a discount on the cost of both policies. Insuring more than one car on the same policy is another way to save money on the cost of Kansas auto insurance coverage.