Just Passed your UK Driving Test?

In the UK, new drivers are obliged to apply for a provisional license in order to receive driving privileges. However, they are only able to use a vehicle under the guidance of a registered British School of Motoring instructor or an adult over 21 years of age with more than 3 years of driving experience. Before a new driver can use a vehicle independently, they must pass a theoretical and practical examination.

Auto insurance for new drivers is incredibly expensive and it is often advisable, and cheaper, to learn the basics through a driving centre than with a parent or guardian. At the start of 2011, driving lessons in the UK cost an average of £24 and this easily offsets the cost of purchasing an auto insurance policy instead. Once the test is passed, however, the newly-qualified driver will require auto insurance coverage of their own.

Usually, an auto insurance policy for a newly-passed motorist is excessively expensive, especially if the driver is still in their teenage years. However, costs can be reduced by taking advanced driving examinations and using an older vehicle with a low engine capacity to keep auto insurance rates to a minimum level.

Shopping around for auto insurance quotes is highly advisable and there is no better way of doing this than through the use of a price comparison website. Multiple companies are offering their services on a side-by-side basis and this means prices have to remain competitive in order to secure business. With a little investigation and research, cheap auto insurance quotes are readily available to new drivers looking for their first policy.

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