Is your UK Auto Insurance really a Great Deal?

Many UK residents simply renew their auto insurance coverage on an annual basis as a means of saving time on searching for a new deal. Many take it for granted that a year of accident-free motoring will automatically qualify them for discounts but in reality, there are a number of hidden charges that can actually see auto insurance rates increase. If rising costs become apparent, road users can look to obtain cheap auto insurance quotes from rival companies or study their current policy to see if it still offers genuine value for money.

  • If a new auto insurance quote is offering comprehensive coverage for the same price as your old third party policy, be very wary. Abnormally cheap auto insurance rates usually come with abnormally weak auto insurance coverage
  • Does your comprehensive policy include provisions for overseas driving, free repairs to cracked windscreens and coverage for other comprehensively insured vehicles? These are fairly standard features on most comprehensive auto insurance policies so make sure they’re included on your new deal or renewal
  • Is your excess figure leaving you exposed? Although a high excess figure will result in cheap auto insurance rates, you could find yourself facing significant out of pocket expenses if you are ever involved in a road traffic accident
  • Are you being made to suffer expensive interest rates because you’ve chosen to pay for your auto insurance policy on a monthly basis? Very few auto insurance policies have free interest rates for monthly payments so cover your premium in a single lump sum or obtain new auto insurance quotes from providers who don’t charge for periodical payments

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