Is South Carolina a No-fault Car Insurance State?

South Carolina is not a no-fault state for car insurance purposes. Instead, it is a tort state, which means that people who have been injured in a car accident have the right to sue to collect damages for their medical bills and expenses incurred as a result of the incident.

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The circumstances surrounding an accident are investigated, and one driver is determined to be at fault. That person and his or her insurance company are responsible for paying for all damages incurred by the other parties.

The level of coverage that a driver carries should be considered carefully, since opting for the lowest level of protection required by law may not be enough to fully pay for damages caused in a serious accident. Once the monetary limit on the insurance policy has been reached, the at-fault driver is responsible for paying any additional moneys owing personally.

A better choice than skimping on car insurance coverage is to buy as much coverage as a consumer can afford. Insurance is bought in the hope that it will never be needed, but if an accident occurs, the policyholder is very glad to have it in place.

Shopping around and comparing rates from different companies is the key to finding affordable South Carolina car insurance coverage. Since each company sets its own rates, it’s possible to get a higher level of protection for around the same price.

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