Is Rental Car Insurance the Right Choice for You?

Road users who have used rental cars before will already be aware of some of the hard-sell tactics used by different hire companies. Even before the keys are in your hand, the salesperson already has that greedy glint in his eye and the inevitable question follows almost immediately:

“Would you like to purchase a collision damage waiver on this hire vehicle, Sir?”

A collision damage waiver effectively acts as a liability policy that protects the renter if damage is caused to a hire vehicle while it is in their possession. Although there are no legal obligations to purchase a collision damage waiver, it is still a mandatory requirement to carry some sort of auto insurance coverage that meets minimum state guidelines.

Although a collision damage waiver may initially sound like a great idea, many road users fail to recognize how expensive this type of auto insurance coverage can be. Industry rates start at approximately $10 per day but these costs can rise to almost triple the value with some hire companies. Compare the average daily cost with a short-term auto insurance policy purchased from a standard carrier and it immediately becomes apparent that your collision damage waiver is something of a false economy.

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