Is Rental Car Insurance a Viable Option?

There are many different reasons as to why motorists might use a rental car. Work commitments in a different location, holidays and breakdowns are all common scenarios where a rental car might come in handy. However, road users will still need to have adequate auto insurance coverage in place. Does rental car insurance actually provide a viable option or should protection be purchased independently?

Usually, a rental company will only offer a basic auto insurance policy that meets minimum state requirements for the area in which they operate. In many cases, a collision damage waiver must be signed and this alleviates responsibility from the rental company if the vehicle is subsequently damaged in a road traffic accident. This ultimately leaves the cost of repairs in the hands of the customer. A supplementary liability policy can also be added to a basic rental car insurance deal for added protection but this will significantly increase the price being paid on a standard policy.

Car rental insurance can often work out to be quite costly and the industry average is around $19 per day. Often, a collision damage waiver will double the cost of the rental itself and it can often be more beneficial to purchase auto insurance coverage independently. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, a selection of short-term policies are available from an extensive list of A-rated providers who specialize in providing coverage on rental cars. All of our auto insurance quotes are easily accessible and require nothing more than a ZIP code for the state in which the vehicle is being rented.

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