Is Online Classic Car Insurance a Bad Idea?

Online car insurance quotes can be a fantastic way of finding competitively priced policies with an effective level of coverage. However, caution should be applied when it comes to insuring a classic car. Most classic vehicles carry a unique quality that should never be compromised by the purchase of an inferior insurance policy. Classic car insurance is a specialist area that should ideally be handled by a broker or agent with experience in this particular market.

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Online quotations are usually provided with factory-produced vehicles in mind although there are a small number of sites that can provide fast online quotations for classic cars. Unfortunately, these quotations can only be treated as a guide. There are a number of factors that can affect the market value of a classic vehicle such as age, model, the condition of the vehicle and how many original components or fittings are still in place.

Many companies that provide classic car insurance will usually arrange an appointment to inspect the vehicle and this can be organized through an agent or broker. Insurers that specialize in classic car insurance understand that you enjoy a special relationship with your vehicle and they will be more inclined to tailor a policy that is absolutely ideal for your pride and joy. Online insurers will not provide this individual level of service and if the wrong policy is purchased, any settlements made in the event of an accident or theft may not reach the true value of the vehicle. Although online car insurance websites are excellent resources for most vehicles, nothing should be left to chance with a cherished classic car when it comes to purchasing optimal coverage.

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