Is No Fault Auto Insurance a Friend or Foe?

No-fault auto insurance is a system that is becoming increasingly common throughout many US states. Instead of claiming on the auto insurance policy of the at-fault driver, motorists are obliged to claim on their own polices because responsibly is negated under state laws that use this particular method of legislation.

The no-fault system was introduced to help alleviate the increasing pressures being placed on the court system through lawsuits and other forms of legal action in the wake of high-impact road traffic accidents. Although this is a welcome situation for the US legal system, it’s not such good news for motorists who are unable to file legal cases related to their injuries, loss of earnings and damage to property.

Although the no-fault method of auto insurance has swept through a number of US states, the Tort system prevails as the most common form of coverage regulation and under the laws that operate throughout the country, residents of Tort states are legally obliged to assume financial responsibility in the form of liability coverage. This particular type of auto insurance covers injuries or damage to property sustained by third party drivers.

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