Is my Fast Auto Insurance Quote Accurate?

How accurate is a fast insurance quote likely to be?

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Any fast auto insurance quotation will only be as accurate as the information you have provided. Most insurance quotes in the modern age are received online and some websites only gather a minimal amount of information that will be added to when a consumer finally speaks to a company representative. In some instances, further information supplied over the telephone can increase or decrease the cost of a policy.

Why doesn’t a company take all of the details at the time of my enquiry?

Many insurers now take a large percentage of their business from price comparison websites. These resources only ask for a certain amount of information and insurance companies must comply with the way a site operates. Once a company speaks to the consumer directly, there will usually be additional information that is required and some factors will affect the original premium offered.

So the quote I receive may be inaccurate?

Not entirely. As long as you have completed the fields correctly and declared completely factual information, there shouldn’t be any hidden questions from the insurance company that will affect the price you were originally offered. However, consumers are probably best advised to accept any quotation offered on a price comparison website as a guide.

Can I get a more accurate quotation elsewhere?

Most major insurers have their own websites that work in a similar fashion to price comparison resources. Because these sites are only dedicated to one company, the questions asked will usually be more comprehensive and this should result in an equally fast, yet slightly more accurate quotation.

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