Is Maryland a No-Fault State for Car Insurance?

Maryland is not a no-fault state for car insurance purposes. Instead, it  has adopted the tort system for dealing with claims arising from motor vehicle accidents. People who have been injured have the right to sue to collect compensation for their injuries and damage to property.

For this reason, a driver should consider his or her level of coverage carefully. The car insurance policy will pay out only up to the limit that the driver selects. Any damages owing above this amount must be paid by him or her personally.

Rather than be faced with the possibility of having to pay for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages out of pocket, a much better choice is to find an affordable car insurance policy that will provide a good level of protection.

Consumers should make a point of shopping around to find the best deals on Maryland car insurance coverage. Getting quotes from several companies can help them find a company that can provide a good level of coverage at an affordable price.

Pricing for car insurance in Maryland varies, depending on the provider, because each one uses its own formula for calculating the level of risk that a particular driver presents. By taking the time to compare rates, a driver can avoid paying more than he or she has to for this necessary protection.