Is Manitoba a No-Fault Car Insurance Province?

All Canadian provinces offer people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident some level of no-fault benefits. In Manitoba, the province has adopted a pure no-fault system. This means people who are injured in a car accident will receive benefits set out in a set schedule only.

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These benefits are paid by the government-run car insurance company, and there is a maximum level of compensation that an injured person can collect. The injured person cannot sue for damages under any circumstances, even if their needs change or they require a higher level of financial support than is available under the schedule of benefits established under provincial law.

By putting a cap on the level of benefits that an injured person can receive, overall costs for Manitoba car insurance can be kept relatively low. Consumers who live in this province pay significantly less than in other parts of the country where car insurance is offered by private companies on the open market.

People who live in Manitoba who are concerned that the level of benefits offered if they are injured in a car accident will not be enough to meet their needs may want to consider other sources of financial support, including disability insurance that pays a cash benefit if the policyholder is unable to work.

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