Is Liability Auto Insurance Coverage Worth the Money?

Consumers who are looking for ways to keep costs down may be wondering whether liability auto insurance is worth paying for. In most parts of the United States, this type of protection is required by law.

Drivers who are not able to provide proof of coverage during a traffic stop or when an accident occurs will be facing serious consequences. Depending on the state, the individual may lose his or her license and registration. The driver will have to provide proof of coverage to the Department of Motor Vehicles before it will be reinstated, and a fee must be paid at that time.

Along with these consequences, the driver does not have coverage in place to pay for the damages caused in an accident. He or she would be personally responsible for paying for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages incurred by the occupants of the other vehicle.

Getting insurance coverage after a lapse in coverage can also prove to be a difficult challenge. Not all insurance providers will agree to cover a driver in this circumstance and those who will extend coverage will likely charge more for it.

The answer to the question, “Is liability auto insurance coverage worth the money?” is a resounding “Yes.” It is well worth the money paid out in premiums if an at-fault accident occurs. Paying for car insurance coverage is a much better choice than running the risk of being personally responsible for paying for damages following an accident.

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