Is Kansas a No-fault State for Auto Insurance?

Kansas has adopted a no-fault system for car insurance purposes. When someone is injured in an accident, they get benefits from their own insurance company, as opposed to suing the at-fault driver for damages.

The idea behind a no-fault system is that it’s easier and faster for injured people to get compensated for their medical and rehabilitation expenses if their own insurer is providing the benefits. The no-fault system also provides some compensation for lost wages as the result of the accident.

Along with the benefits listed here, benefits designed to replace the kinds of services that you were performing before the accident are available. For example, you may receive money to help pay for child care if you are unable to look after your children as a result of the accident.

Having a no-fault system in place doesn’t mean that you can never be sued for damages, though. If the accident is a serious one that caused severe injuries, the victim can sue you to recover damages for medical bills and expenses.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to buy more than the minimum level of coverage mandated by the state. If you are sued to recover damages and your car insurance policy does not recover the amount the victim is awarded, you will be personally responsible for the difference.