Is it Safe to Purchase Auto Insurance Online?

Purchasing auto insurance online has rapidly become on of the most popular ways of obtaining effective cover and the additional discounts that are applied to internet purchases make the concept even more attractive. However, it pays to know whether an insurance carrier can be trusted before motorists reach for the keyboard.

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The recent rise in the number of low-cost insurance companies advertising on national television and magazines has made the process of purchasing an online auto insurance policy a little more difficult. Because state requirements for auto insurance can vary so much, it is vitally important not to leave yourself in a position where you are driving your vehicle without the adequate amount of minimum coverage.

While cost has become a significant issue in the advertising campaigns of all insurance companies, it is still important to opt for a reputable company that is licensed to operate within your own state. If an insurer isn’t registered on a reputable list of companies, they should probably be avoided. Research into the insurance rating of an insurance company is always recommended.  Price alone should never be a factor in obtaining the best possible insurance policy.

One of the most concerning factors in purchasing auto insurance online is security. Never use the services of an insurance company that doesn’t provide a secure and encrypted payment option on their website. Secure payment can be assured if the site offers a ‘HTTPS’ protocol and the address bar turns green when the payment screen is reached. If an insurance company isn’t operating on a secure server, it is highly advisable to seek out alternative policies where your financial information is kept out of the public domain.

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