Iowa Car Insurance and Paying Claims

When an Iowa car insurance customer makes a claim for damages to his or her vehicle, the insurance company will endeavor to pay it in a reasonable time frame. In a situation where the company must perform a detailed investigation before being able to settle the matter, the process will take longer.

There are times when the volume of claims mean that it takes longer to settle them. During times of inclement weather, many drivers may be involved in collisions and the adjusters the insurance company has on staff may have trouble keeping up with the demand for their services.

You can take your car to the garage of your choice to have the necessary repairs done, even if the insurance company suggests a specific one. The adjuster will authorize the company to pay for the cost of repairs based on the average cost for these services in your area.

If the insurance company determined your car is totaled as a result of the accident, it will make its offer based on the vehicle’s cash value. To determine this figure, the adjuster will conduct some research to find out how much used cars of the same make and model are selling for in your area. You can and should do some checking to find out this valuable information for yourself.