Insuring Multiple Drivers Under an Oregon Car Insurance Policy

If you are an existing Oregon car insurance customer, it may seem easier to have all drivers in your household insured under the same policy. This choice will work well if everyone has a good driving record, but if anyone covered under your policy does not, it may affect the rate you will be paying for your insurance.

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The company will consider everyone who will be covered under a policy when evaluating risk and setting rates. If one driver has been involved in an accident or has traffic tickets on his or her record, the rate may be higher than if the person was buying coverage on an individual basis. Some insurance companies will flatly refuse to provide coverage at all when one person named on the policy is a higher risk to provide coverage for.

Another scenario that might play out is that the insurance company will issue the policy but exclude people in the household that don’t meet its requirements for coverage. Those people will need to arrange their own coverage.

When trying to get Oregon auto insurance for several individuals in a household, shopping around for coverage is the way to get the combination of a good level of coverage and affordable rates. For teens who need insurance, adding them to an existing policy is more economical than buying a separate policy. Young people can get a better rate if they complete a driver’s education course before applying.

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