Improve Vehicle Security to save Money on your Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance companies have a tendency to lower their premiums if road users pay strict attention to the security of their cars. There are a growing number of different devices on the market that can vastly improve the security of vehicles and these should be investigated thoroughly, especially by motorists who live in areas where crime rates are higher than average.  As well as using technological deterrents, vehicle owners can also lower their auto insurance rates by keeping their vehicles in safe and secure overnight locations.

Auto insurance rates and vehicle security have a tendency to go hand-in-hand. The better equipped a vehicle is, the lower premiums are likely to be. Risk continues to be the most influencing factor within the world of auto insurance and costs can be cut dramatically if motorists adopt a conscientious attitude to security. Alarms, central locking devices and immobilizers are just a few of the more recognizable features that assist in improving vehicle security but road users should try to adopt a cautious approach to all of the following points:

  • If vehicles are being used after dark, try to stay in well-lit areas with high levels of traffic and population density. Car thieves are far less likely to strike if their movements can be witnessed by passers-by or CCTV cameras
  • Electronic security devices are notoriously expensive to purchase and installation fees simply add to the overall cost of protecting your vehicle. Try to shop online in an effort to find better deals. Alternatively, it can be a cost-effective exercise to purchase security devices from major auto supply warehouses as many of them offer free installation as a means of increasing their sales
  • If you are considering purchasing a new car, try to establish which vehicles are most commonly stolen within the state that you live in. Some models are particularly easy to break in to while others have a high resale value and this makes them attractive to groups of thieves who may be looking to ‘ring’ the vehicle
  • Always keep personal identification documents or paperwork out of view as this makes the vehicle more attractive to car thieves. It is also important to make sure that any other valuables are kept out of sight. If you have a wallet or handbag, take it with you at all times even if you are only leaving your vehicle for a few minutes. In most cases, this is all the time that car thieves need to make off with your possessions
  • Always park your vehicle in a well-lit location overnight. Wherever possible, vehicles should be left in secure and locked storage such as a garage or works unit. Safe overnight parking is a great way to lower your auto insurance rates
  • Consider having your vehicle identification number etched onto the windows of your car. This makes your vehicle instantly recognizable and car thieves are unlikely to want the additional expense of having to replace parts on your vehicle before selling it on as a ‘ringer’

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