Important Questions for your UK Car Insurance Company (Part One)

Theoretically, it’s much easier to select a car insurance company when the rates and policy features have been correctly compared. In reality, there will always be a number of factors that affect the suitability of a car insurance policy. Quite often, motorists find that their expectations of coverage and cost aren’t reflected in the car insurance quotes that they receive. To find the perfect UK car insurance policy, there are a number of important questions you should be asking a potential carrier. The answers can reveal small differences that could a huge impact on your satisfaction levels as a new policyholder and customer.

Policies on Claims and Repairs

Different car insurance companies use different criteria for dealing with claims in the aftermath of a road traffic accident. Some carriers let you send your vehicle to a reputable repair centre and they will provide a financial settlement once the work has been carried out, although excess agreements might mean your car insurance claim won’t be settled in full. Others car insurance companies allow you to choose your own repairer, but they will ask you to obtain comparative car insurance quotes from other areas and will need to know why you want to use a particular repairer before they authorise any repairs. Some car insurance companies insist that you choose a repairer from their list of approved garages. Having the right to choose a repair can be important to some drivers, especially if they have used a body shop that has produced good results in the past.