Important Questions about Minnesota Auto Insurance

Road users in Minnesota have turned to the internet for competitively-priced auto insurance quotes and price comparison websites are proving to be one of the most popular online resources for securing cheap auto insurance. However, there are still a large number of consumers who remain in the dark about price comparison websites and there are a number of questions that typically arise about their uses and benefits.

Why should I shop online for auto insurance quotes in the first place?

Price comparison websites have a number of distinct advantages and have become the easiest way for motorists in Minnesota to obtain online auto insurance quotes. These excellent resources are easy to access and there’s no need to spend hours calling individual companies or visiting land-based offices in order to gather auto insurance quotes on an individual basis. A single visit to a high quality price comparison website will usually be more than enough to take care of any auto insurance requirements you may have.

Is the coverage I purchase going to be as good?

Absolutely! All auto insurance companies that provide a service through price comparison websites are licensed to operate within the state of Minnesota and many of them are household names that you will instantly recognize. Price comparison websites also have a reputation to uphold and by dealing with the biggest and best names in the auto insurance industry, their own status is preserved.

Aren’t all online auto insurance quotes likely to be the same?

No. In truth, there’s probably a more expansive range of auto insurance quotes available through price comparison websites than there are through traditional call centers or land-based outlets. At the very least, all Minnesota auto insurance quotes will meet the minimum mandatory levels required by state law but most of them will actually surpass the coverage provided in a basic policy.

What protection will a basic auto insurance policy provide?

A basic auto insurance policy will meet the following requirements. It is important to note that these figures are unique to Minnesota and may not be sufficient for use in other US states:

  • $30,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person
  • $60,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident
  • $10,000 worth of property damage liability
  • $25,000 worth of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage per person
  • $50,000 worth of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage per accident
  • $40,000 worth of personal injury protection

Will that level of auto insurance be adequate for my needs?

In many cases, a basic policy will be sufficient especially if the policyholder is using an older vehicle with a low market value. However, motorists who have new or nearly-new models might wish to consider increasing their auto insurance coverage so that they are fully protected in any eventuality.

What additional auto insurance coverage might I require?

Minnesota auto insurance is fairly detailed even when it’s provided as part of a basic policy. The no-fault laws that apply in the state of Minnesota make detailed auto insurance coverage a necessity and most of the important inclusions will already be present. However, motorists with new or nearly-new vehicles will benefit from other auto insurance additions such as collision coverage and comprehensive insurance.

There seems to be a huge number of price comparison websites available. Which ones are the best?

Most price comparison websites are very similar in terms of the way they work but many of them claim to specialize in a number of different fields. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we never seek to increase our profits by trying to sell multiple products. We believe that it’s more important to be associated with providing great service on all of our online auto insurance quotes and that why you’ll never see us offering any other products or services.

What makes Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes better than rival websites?

For a start, we only provide free auto insurance quotes and never charge our site visitors a fee for our services. All of our online auto insurance quotes are provided by A-rated companies who have enjoyed years of unrivalled success in offering excellent policies and great customer service. We never ask for personal details and never try to force a sale. All of our free auto insurance quotes are provided without any obligation to purchase whatsoever.

Does that make Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes more expensive?

No. In fact, we offer some of the lowest auto insurance rates available anywhere. We are synonymous with providing cheap auto insurance quotes and because our customers have the chance to compare multiple policies before making a purchase, there’s always a strong likelihood that they’ll be able to find the perfect coverage option at exactly the right price.

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