Illinois Car Insurance Discounts

Illinois car insurance discounts can help to make the cost of coverage more manageable for consumers in that state. One way to save money on car insurance coverage is to buy a policy from the same company that issued a homeowners policy. Customers who insure more than one vehicle with the same insurance company can get a multi-vehicle discount on their coverage.

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Driving a car that comes with air bags, seat belts and anti-lock brakes can mean lower prices on car insurance coverage in Illinois. Installing an anti-theft device can also mean lower auto insurance rates. Consumers should tell their insurance company about these measures and ask about lower pricing.

Taking a defensive driving course can also mean lower car insurance costs. Even drivers who have been driving for several years can benefit from a program.

A customer who has been with the same insurance company for several years can ask about a loyalty discount. If the insurance company refuses to lower its pricing for a long-term customer, then the policyholder may wish to consider getting quotes from other car insurance providers.

Some companies have made arrangements with a particular insurance company to offer preferred pricing to their employees. Members of professional or trade associations may be able to get discount car insurance as well. Alumni associations are another possible source of discounted car insurance.

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