Illinois Auto Insurance Facts and Figures

What You Need To Know About Car Insurance In Illinois

Why Road Users in Illinois need Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a mandatory factor in the overwhelming majority of US states and if a valid policy isn’t in operation when a motorist uses highways in Illinois, the uninsured party runs the risk of collecting fines, receiving suspensions and having negative entries made on their driving history.

A loss of driving privileges can have a significant impact on the lifestyle of many road users and the incremental level of fines being applied for persistent offences can often outweigh the cost of an annual policy within months.

There are also a number of other significant factors that arise when the need for auto insurance quotes and effective coverage is considered. If you own a relatively new vehicle that still has outstanding loans due on it, the lending institution will inevitably require you to have the vehicle fully insured.

As well as protecting the financial interests of the lender, there are a number of benefits for the vehicle owner as well. There is nothing worse than still having to make payments on a vehicle that was declared a total loss several years ago when a valid auto insurance policy would have been enough to settle any outstanding balances due on it.

Although many residents in the United States remain concerned about the rising costs of general healthcare, it’s extremely surprising how often road users neglect the potential financial hardships that might be caused in the wake of a road traffic accident.

This is particularly relevant where third parties have sustained serious physical injuries. If a motorist in Illinois is found to be at fault in a road traffic accident and sufficient liability coverage hasn’t been purchased, the individual concerned will have to meet any expenses personally and the current court culture that grips the country can literally see vehicle owners being taken down the road to ruin.

As well as having concerns about bodily injury liability, road users in Illinois should also pay attention to the need for property damage liability.

It is somewhat inevitable that a road traffic accident will ultimately cause damage to the vehicles or property of third parties and by having sufficient coverage in place, the stress and expense of having to pay for repairs personally can be avoided.


What Type of Auto Insurance do Road Users in Illinois need?

Motorists in Illinois are obliged to purchase the minimum level of mandatory auto insurance coverage as requested by the state. Although the minimum levels are enough to allow road users to drive legally, it is always recommended that additional coverage to a higher value is purchased wherever possible. The state of Illinois demands that all motorists carry the following levels of coverage as an absolute minimum:

  • $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person
  • $40,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident
  • $15,000 worth of property damage liability
  • $20,000 worth of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage per person
  • $40,000 worth of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage per accident

In terms of recommended coverage, liability insurance and protection against uninsured or underinsured motorists should be increased to a level of 100/300/100.

Factors that Influence your Auto Insurance Quotes

There are a number of different factors that will influence the price you have to pay for your auto insurance. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we like to highlight all of the key areas that affect your premiums. Many of these points can actually be used in a positive manner to bring down the cost of your car insurance quotes:

Age – Accident statistics indicate that young drivers are one of the highest risk categories in the world of auto insurance. Naturally, insurance companies will increase their premiums for any motorist under the age of 25. However, it doesn’t take long to build up a good driving record and if a young driver can maintain good student grades and participate in a defensive driving course, insurance companies will usually apply a series of discounts for displaying increased levels of responsibility.

Driving History – The driving history of a motorist can be affected by traffic violations, multiple claims and other entries such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Usually, an insurance company will look at your driving history over the previous three-to-five year period to see if there are any infractions. By requesting a copy of your driving record from the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles, it is possible to review your recent history and if any entries are inaccurate, they can be removed fairly easily. This will lead to cheaper auto insurance quotes with immediate effect.

Accident Record – Road users in Illinois have an obligation to provide their auto insurance companies with details relating to accidents in the previous five-year period. Failure to do so can lead to policy cancellations and this may make it difficult to purchase coverage elsewhere at a later date. Always take time to explain the nature of a previous accident when applying for a new auto insurance policy. If the incident wasn’t your fault, it is unlikely that the insurance company will punish you at all. If you already have an accident-free record, the chances of finding cheap auto insurance quotes will be significantly improved.

Choice of Vehicle – The type of vehicle you drive will have a huge influence on the price of your auto insurance policy. Expensive vehicles with high performance engines will be subject to higher premiums than an older model with a smaller engine capacity. Although age and driving history will inevitably have an effect on your auto insurance rates, choosing an appropriate vehicle to lower costs is often seen as a wise move, particularly for younger motorists who have still to build a creditable driving history.

Safety and Security – Auto insurance policies are priced on a factor of risk but there are many other circumstances that a carrier will consider when establishing car insurance quotes. If you live in an area with an abnormally high crime rate, the chances of theft are significantly increased and premiums will rise accordingly. Regions with a dense population and high levels of vehicle usage will also be more expensive than quiet, rural areas. Safety and security devices can help to reduce the cost of these implications and a vehicle that is fitted with airbags, immobilizers, anti-lock braking systems or satellite tracking will usually qualify for additional auto insurance discounts.

Credit Rating – Carriers will review your credit history when they underwrite a policy and any negative entries will count against you. It is vitally important to maintain a record of prompt payment on all of your credit obligations to help reduce the cost of your auto insurance quotes. A poor previous history may lead to a policy refusal if you are unable to pay for your auto insurance coverage in a single lump sum. If you feel that there are inaccurate entries on your credit record, it might be worthwhile applying for a copy. Any debts that have been settled can be easily removed as long as proof of payment can be provided.

Available types of Auto Insurance

The demands placed upon motorists living within different states are often quite varied and this means that there is no single type of auto insurance coverage available to cover all eventualities. The complexity of auto insurance in the United States and the different systems used to establish liability in the event of a road traffic accident can often lead to motorists using their vehicles without sufficient coverage in place. Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes specialize in bringing our customers excellent basic policies that can be easily tailored to produce the perfect online car insurance quote.

Bodily Injury Liability – Illinois operates under the Tort system and any motorist who is found to be responsible for a road traffic accident will be accountable for any bodily injuries sustained by third parties. Bodily injury liability is compulsory in Illinois and any medical costs, funeral expenses or loss of earnings incurred by third parties will be settled as part of your auto insurance agreement.

Property Damage Liability – Property damage liability is another compulsory requirement on all Illinois auto insurance quotes and any damage caused to third party vehicles or property will be fully covered up to the value indicated on your policy.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage – Unfortunately, there are a growing number of road users who feel that state laws can be overlooked and these perilous individuals choose to operate their own vehicles without purchasing any auto insurance coverage. This can cause significant problems if you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, especially if they don’t have the financial means to provide a settlement independently. The state of Illinois makes uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage a mandatory element on all auto insurance quotes.

Collision Coverage – Property damage liability only covers the cost of repairs to a third party vehicle if you are found to be the responsible driver in a road traffic accident. By purchasing collision coverage as an auto insurance add-on, the cost of damage to your own vehicle will be met by your carrier. However, additional coverage will inevitably lead to higher premiums so the value of your vehicle, and the estimated cost of any potential repairs, will have to be considered carefully before it is added on to your auto insurance quotes.

Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive coverage is another optional feature that can be included within an auto insurance policy although, once again, there will be additional charges applied. Comprehensive coverage provides protection against damage to your vehicle for all factors outside of those already explained. This can include damage caused by fire, theft, flooding, high winds or any other reasonable factor that may make repairs a necessity.

GAP Insurance – GAP insurance is rarely purchased by most motorists and only becomes a regular feature on auto insurance policies where a vehicle is leased or has outstanding loans secured against it. GAP insurance will cover any shortfall on loans or agreements where the original insurance settlement fails to cover the full value of outstanding debts.

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

We thoroughly believe that Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes provide some of the policies in the entire country. All of our partners are A-rated auto insurance carriers who have built their reputations on outstanding service and excellent coverage options. We only provide 100% free auto insurance quotes and never take commissions from our growing army of delighted consumers.

Our online auto insurance quotes are accessible by providing a ZIP code; there is no need to provide us with any other personal information so your privacy is assured. By choosing Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes for all of your coverage requirements, you can begin to save money straight away while enjoying some of the most detailed coverage available in the auto insurance marketplace.

Is Illinois a No-Fault State for Car Insurance?

Illinois is not a no-fault state when it comes to car insurance coverage. Instead, it is a tort state. When a car accident occurs, one driver must be determined to be at fault. This person’s insurance company is responsible for paying for the cost of any injuries or damages incurred as a result of the accident.

Injured people have the right to sue to for compensation for their injuries. After the accident, they can make claims for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and other expenses incurred as a result of the accident. Funeral expenses are also lumped in with the benefits payable under bodily injury liability insurance.

If you are the at-fault driver in a car accident,  your insurance company may designate an attorney to represent you in the matter. This is part of the protection you pay for when you pay your premiums, and the attorney will be attempting to settle the lawsuit in a timely manner, if possible. The last thing you want is for things to drag on unnecessarily as well.

Ideally, you want to be sure that you have enough insurance to cover any claims made against you by an injured person. Having the most coverage in place that you can afford is the best way to protect yourself if you are involved in an at-fault accident.

Cheap Illinois Auto Insurance for Teens

Teen drivers are more likely than more mature people to have an accident while behind the wheel. As a a result, they are more expensive to insure. Despite this fact, there are some things you can do to find cheap Illinois auto insurance for teens.

You can save money on the cost of insuring young drivers by adding them to an existing policy. This option will mean that you are paying more for your coverage, but it will still be less than trying to arrange a separate policy for the teen driver.

Another option that you can try if you are trying to keep the cost of insuring teens down is to encourage your teen to do well at school. Maintaining a B average or higher may mean that your teen will get a discount on his or her insurance coverage. If your current insurance company doesn’t offer a break in pricing for this reason, it may be time to get online car insurance quotes to find one that will.

Keep track of how much time during the year your teen has access to your vehicle. If your teen is a university student who is away from home during the school year and doesn’t have access to the car during that time, you may be able to get a better price for your coverage.

Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in Illinois

In the ever-changing world of auto insurance, there is still one age-old argument that continues to rage with a burning passion. Do males or females make better drivers? In truth, statistics actually reveals a roughly equal number of both sexes being involved in road traffic accidents so there is no conclusive evidence to answer this particular question. However, female motorists in Illinois will frequently find that their auto insurance quotes are significantly cheaper than those offered to male drivers on a like-for-like basis.

Variations in price have much to do with the driving habits of each individual sex. Male drivers have a tendency to cover more miles in a calendar year and work commitments often see them travelling over longer distances on busier and faster highways. Women, on the other hand, tend to drive more locally on slower roads and often use their vehicles defensively because they are carrying children on board. These typical habits can make a huge difference when it comes to obtaining cheap auto insurance quotes.

Auto insurance for males is usually more expensive because they are more likely to be involved in high impact accidents and subsequently, damage to their vehicles and the cost of repairs are likely to much higher. Female drivers are usually involved in low impact accidents that only cause minor damage and this makes it easier for them to find cost-effective online auto insurance quotes. The difference in premiums can be even larger if male motorists are under the age of 25. Young drivers are involved in more road traffic accidents than any other group so young male motorists are considered to be one of the highest risk categories of all.

There are a growing number of companies that specialize in offering lower auto insurance rates for female drivers in Illinois and many of these now advertise nationally as means of raising their profile and attracting new business. However, it is usually more beneficial for women to compare a range of different car insurance quotes from multiple providers using online websites as these particular resources have a tendency to offer the biggest discounts.

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we specialize in providing cheap auto insurance for all motorists in Illinois irrespective of their age and gender. We only deal with premium-rated insurance companies who have consistently provided excellent levels of customer service alongside unbeatable levels of coverage.

There are a wide number of benefits to be enjoyed at Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes and by comparing policies effectively, our dedicated website could end up saving you hundreds of valuable dollars:

  • We only provide free auto insurance quotes. We NEVER charge consumers to use our services
  • All of our online auto insurance quotes are offered in total anonymity. We never ask you for any personal details that could end up compromising your privacy
  • Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes are dedicated to providing cheap auto insurance quotes within minutes. By providing something as simple as a ZIP code, a vast range of different polices are just a few short clicks away

Illinois Car Insurance for Seniors

As a group, seniors tend to pay more for their car insurance coverage, and Illinois residents are no exception. Insurance companies consider an older adult’s application for car insurance coverage in light of the possibility that the individual may have physical or mental issues that put them at risk for being involved in an accident.

All car insurance companies will consider an applicant’s driving record when making a decision about whether to extend coverage and how much to charge. Drivers who have been involved in an accident are more likely to have another one, and pay more for their  coverage as a result. A clean driving record is a valuable commodity, since it means better pricing for car insurance.

A car insurance company considers other factors when a senior applies for coverage, though. The applicant’s address is one of them. Insurance companies have an idea about a person’s income level. It also gives the company an indication of the risk of the applicant making a claim for car theft or an act of vandalism. Living in a high-crime area means paying more for car insurance coverage, but consumers who install an anti-theft device can qualify for better pricing.

An older adult who want to save money on car insurance coverage should ask about available discounts, including one for bundling car, home and life insurance coverage with the same company and for being a loyal customer for a number of years.

Illinois Auto Insurance: Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In Illinois, auto insurance buyers must have at least a minimum level of uninsured motorist coverage in place, along with the standard bodily injury liability coverage. Under state law, a minimum of $20,000 to cover injuries you or a single person in  your vehicle sustain as the result of an accident involving a person who doesn’t have insurance coverage must be obtained. The limit for multiple victims in an accident involving an uninsured driver is $40,000.

Since Illinois is a tort state, someone must be found at fault before insurance companies will start paying out for damages. In a case where the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, you would have to sue him or her to get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses incurred as a result of the accident. A person who can’t pay for insurance probably doesn’t have the means to pay for  damages, either.

For this reason, the state has stepped in to help by mandating that uninsured driver coverage be mandatory. If you choose to buy more uninsured motorist coverage than the minimum level required, you may also need to purchase underinsured motorist coverage as well. This type of policy tops up the coverage in a situation where the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough coverage to adequately compensate you for your loss after an accident.

Illinois Car Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements

In Illinois, drivers are required to have car insurance in place. The minimum level of car insurance coverage mandated by law is $20,000 in bodily injury liability insurance for one person’s injuries and $40,000 to pay for the injuries of all people hurt in a single accident.

Along with the bodily injury insurance, drivers must have $15,000 in place for property damage coverage to pay for the cost of repairing the other driver’s vehicle, as well as any other objects damaged in the accident. This part of the policy is used to pay for repairing fences, mailboxes, signs, etc.

Along with the liability coverage, drivers must also buy uninsured motorist bodily injury insurance. This protects a driver, his or her family members and passengers in the vehicle if the at-fault driver in an accident doesn’t have insurance coverage. It pays for medical bills and lost wages, as well as funeral expenses if the accident results in one or more fatalities. At least $20,000 in uninsured motorist coverage is required for one person’s injuries and the cap is$40,000 for more than one person injured in the same accident.

These amounts are only the minimum levels of coverage required by law; a person can choose to buy a higher level of coverage if desired.

illinois car insurance requirements

You are in compliance with the mandatory insurance law if you have vehicle liability insurance in the following minimum amounts: $25,000 – injury or death of one person in an accident. $50,000 – injury or death of more than one person in an accident. $20,000 – damage to property of another person.

state of illinois auto insurance laws

illinois full coverage auto insurance requirements

You are in compliance with the mandatory insurance law if you have vehicle liability insurance in the following minimum amounts:

  • $25,000 – injury or death of one person in an accident.
  • $50,000 – injury or death of more than one person in an accident.
  • $20,000 – damage to property of another person.

The Biggest and Best Illinois Auto Insurance Advice Checklist

Auto insurance protects the policyholder from any losses incurred as the result of a road traffic accident. Financial responsibilities can vary greatly after an accident but the most common liabilities are damage to property and physical injury to third party drivers. Liability auto insurance in Illinois is set at $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person, $40,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident and $15,000 worth of property damage liability.

What levels of auto insurance must I purchase?

You will be expected to purchase the minimum level of auto insurance made mandatory by the state of Illinois and this is a legal requirement. At the current time, those levels are set as follows:

  • $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person
  • $40,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident
  • $15,000 worth of property damage liability
  • $20,000 worth of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage per person
  • $40,000 worth of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage per accident

What if I need extra coverage?

Most auto insurance plans can be individually tailored to meet your own requirements. It is always advisable to purchase additional coverage wherever possible although consumers should always remember to make sure that upgrades remain affordable.

What extra coverage might I need?

Always remember that any shortfalls in coverage may leave you liable for settling outstanding balances. The minimum levels of auto insurance coverage will only be suitable for low impact collisions and these should be increased to the following levels wherever possible:

  • $100,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident
  • $100,000 worth of property damage liability
  • $100,000 worth of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage per person
  • $300,000 worth of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage per accident

You may also require further add-ons to your policy. These might include personal injury protection, collision coverage or comprehensive auto insurance.

Shopping for Auto Insurance

  • It is always advisable to purchase an auto insurance policy from a reputable company. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure the auto insurance company you are considering is licensed to operate within the state of Illinois
  • Always use a reliable price comparison website that specializes in auto insurance quotes instead of an equivalent resource that enhances their profits with multiple products. It’s much more likely that you’ll find reliable, affordable coverage through a specialist website that fully understands the auto insurance marketplace
  • Compare your auto insurance quotes thoroughly. Always compare multiple policies instead of opting for the first one you come across, or settling for the cheapest. Make sure your auto insurance quotes are being supplied free of charge, and never fall victim to the high pressure sales tactics that some auto insurance companies use
  • Always understand exactly what you are buying, and make sure you ask a company representative to clearly explain any exclusions contained within the terms and conditions of an auto insurance policy. Never accept estimates as a full and final price and remember that if a deal sounds too good to be true, the chances are that it probably is
  • Always be accurate with any information you provide regarding an auto insurance purchase. Your auto insurance policy may be declared null and void if you provide false or misleading information when an application for coverage is being made

Additional Coverage to Consider

  • Collision coverage should be considered on cars with a medium to high market value, or if an outstanding finance agreement is in place. Collision coverage is a form of auto insurance that can be used to pay for the cost of repairs to the vehicle of the policyholder in an at-fault accident
  • Consider purchasing comprehensive auto insurance to cover the cost of all non-accident damage to your vehicle. This can include damage caused by theft, fire, hailstones, flooding and other natural occurrences
  • Protect yourself from the perils of uninsured and underinsured motorists by purchasing UM/UIM coverage. This form of auto insurance covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle, and your own personal medical expenses, if you are involved in an accident where the at-fault driver has insufficient auto insurance coverage in place. UM/UIM coverage is now a mandatory requirement in the state of Illinois
  • Personal injury protection is an auto insurance add-on that pays towards your own medical costs, and those of any passengers in your vehicle, if you are deemed to be at fault in a road traffic accident

Optional Coverage Choices

  • Accidental death benefit can be applied to an auto insurance policy voluntarily, and this provides a lump cash sum to the bereaved family if a policyholder dies in a road traffic accident
  • Custom and non-factory items can be covered as an optional extra on most auto insurance policies. This can include CD players, cell phones and satellite navigation systems
  • Gap coverage is an excellent auto insurance add-on that pays for the difference in the cash value of a vehicle, and what you actually owe on the lease
  • Physical damage and replacement coverage pays for the cost of a completely new vehicle if your existing model is declared a total loss due to excessive damage. This optional extra is only available on vehicles that are less than three years old
  • Rental reimbursement pays for the cost of rental fees while your own vehicle is being repaired
  • Towing coverage pays for the cost of removing your vehicle from the roadside in the event of a road traffic  accident or a breakdown

Factors that Affect your Auto Insurance Rates

  • Your age, gender and marital status are all factors that cannot be directly influenced, but all of them will have an effect on your auto insurance rates. Young drivers, in particular, are penalized with expensive auto insurance quotes because of the abnormally high accident rates associated with their age group
  • Although the state of Illinois has a series of mandatory auto insurance requirements, coverage limits will be applied to any policy purchase. The greater the amount of coverage you choose to buy, the more expensive your auto insurance is likely to be
  • A safe and solid driving record with no history of at-fault accidents is likely to attract cheaper auto insurance rates than an equivalent record where the driver has made multiple claims on an existing policy
  • Road users living in urban areas with large amounts of traffic and high crime rates will attract higher auto insurance rates than drivers who live in quiet, rural locations where antisocial behavior is less of a problem
  • Some vehicles cost more to insure because they are stolen more frequently, or often become the targets of vandalism. Expensive vehicles that cost more to repair are also likely to attract higher auto insurance rates
  • Vehicle use also influences auto insurance rates, and those who cover more miles inevitably incur expensive auto insurance quotes
  • Credit scoring is used as a means of establishing auto insurance rates in Illinois, and road users with a poor record of payment will end up paying more for coverage

Qualifying for Discounts

  • Auto insurance discounts can be enjoyed if your vehicle is fitted with additional security devices such as locking wheel nuts, immobilizers and GPS satellite tracking systems
  • Qualify for a larger discount by bundling your auto insurance and home insurance requirements together with the same company
  • Become part of a car pool with work colleagues. As well as minimizing your own annual mileage, your responsible attitude to vehicle use will make you eligible for further auto insurance discounts
  • Defensive driving discounts are available for road users who enroll on a state-approved advanced driving course
  • Maintaining a safe driving history, and building an improved driver profile, will automatically qualify you for cheaper auto insurance quotes
  • Young drivers can slash the cost of their auto insurance by maintaining ‘B’ average grades or above at school
  • Minimize your vehicle usage to 6,000 miles per year or less for a vehicle mileage discount
  • Mature drivers, who tend to use their vehicles more conservatively, often find that discounts will be applied to their auto insurance quotes once they reach 50 years of age
  • Use the same auto insurance company for all of the vehicles within your household, and cheaper rates will apply
  • Remember to mention all additional safety features on your vehicle when applying for online auto insurance quotes. Airbags, anti-lock braking systems and automatic seatbelts will all qualify the driver for an auto insurance reduction

How to Influence your Auto Insurance Rates

  • Always talk to a potential auto insurance company directly, and ask if all of your qualifying discounts have been applied. In many cases, a company will try to maximize their profits by withholding reduced terms and will only apply them upon request. It costs nothing to ask, and you may be pleasantly surprised if additional discounts suddenly become available
  • Increase your deductible figure to the highest affordable level. This allows you to take on part of the risk that your auto insurance company would usually have to deal with, and subsequently reduces the size of your auto insurance quotes
  • Consider changing the type of vehicle you drive if your existing model attracts abnormally high auto insurance rates. An older vehicle with a smaller engine size is always going to attract cheaper auto insurance quotes than a brand new high-powered performance model
  • Carry out regular checks on your credit history to ensure that all of your payment obligations are up to date. If your auto insurance company sees that you are financially dependable, they are much more likely to reward you with cheap auto insurance quotes

Illinois Auto Insurance Plan

The Illinois Auto Insurance Plan is in place for road users who cannot purchase a policy from an independent carrier, but consumers should be advised that using the plan to purchase coverage will inevitably be more expensive than obtaining a policy through traditional routes. There are four qualifying requirements for the Illinois Auto Insurance Plan:

  • Applicants must have been refused auto insurance from independent companies. Proof of refusal will usually be required
  • Applicants must either hold a current driving license, or be fully eligible to make an application for a driving license
  • Applicants must not have any outstanding payments due on an auto insurance policy within the previous 36 months
  • The vehicle of the applicant must be in good working order and safe to drive

Answering your Questions about Illinois Auto Insurance Quotes

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we understand just how important auto insurance quotes can be. With many users still having reservations about expenditure because of the current economic climate, we have extended the number of companies we operate with to bring you unbeatable value-for-money and the most detailed coverage around!

The best way to purchase affordable auto insurance in Illinois is through the use of a price comparison website. These increasingly popular resources are ideal for obtaining a large number of different auto insurance quotes within a matter of minutes and because polices can be reviewed on a head-to-head basis, consumers have a significantly higher chance of securing a deal that offers premium quality coverage at bargain basement prices.

Before auto insurance quotes are applied for, it’s vitally important that vehicle owners have a thorough understanding of the type of coverage they need. All too often, consumers rush into making a purchase in the belief that the cheapest policy is always going to be the best one. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Unless auto insurance quotes offer policies that provide the levels of coverage you actually need, there will always be a significant chance of regretting a hasty decision a little further down the line.

Price comparison techniques should be applied correctly before a policy is finally purchased and road users should be asking themselves a series of relevant questions relating to their auto insurance requirements. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our growing list of customers a completely satisfactory range of answers to all of their obvious concerns:

Am I really going to save money by using Promiga for my auto insurance requirements?

We are supremely confident in the service that we offer and equally at ease with the companies we work in partnership with. Because we deal with an extensive number of reputable carriers, you will be provided with a detailed range of different auto insurance quotes from a larger number of companies. It would be foolish to say that every one of our policy offers will beat your existing auto insurance rates but we genuinely believe that you will find an option that offers a competitive premium alongside unbeatable coverage every time you choose to use our increasingly popular service.

Does the level of coverage contained in my car insurance quotes meet the minimum mandatory levels required by the state of Illinois?

All of our approved auto insurance partners are experts in their field and are licensed to operate within the state of Illinois. They will offer policies that meet the mandatory levels as an absolute minimum although most polices will exceed those limits to offer complete peace of mind.

Are the minimum levels of mandatory auto insurance provided in a basic policy actually going to be sufficient if I’m ever involved in a road traffic accident?

The minimum levels of mandatory auto insurance will usually be enough to cover any outcome where you are deemed to be the at-fault driver in a minor road traffic accident. However, more serious collision impact will inevitably result in extensive damage and higher repair costs. These factors should be considered before any auto insurance purchase and coverage should be increased as long as it is affordable to do so.

Are all of the auto insurance quotes being supplied by reputable industry specialists with good insurance ratings and reputation for excellent customer service and effective claims handling?

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we only operate in partnership with the best auto insurance companies that the industry has to offer. All of our coverage providers enjoy A-rated classification and full details of their company performance, financial stability and customer service will be available through the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Do I need any policy additions to enhance the quality of my preferred auto insurance policy?

This will be entirely up to you and decisions should be made on the type of vehicle being used and the coverage you need. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, policy applications can be easily tailored to include additional features such as comprehensive insurance, collision coverage and roadside assistance. Although these features will lead to higher auto insurance quotes, motorists are fully covered for all eventualities and can enjoy their driving experiences in complete peace of mind.

Have I been offered all available discounts relating to my age, gender, driving history, credit score or student performance?

Although some companies will inevitably hold back discounts in the hope of making a sale with higher premiums, you will usually be asked for certain information by an auto insurance provider once you decided on a preferred policy. Once this information is gathered, the original car insurance quotes can either increase or decrease based on the details provided. If you feel that ANY insurer is failing to offer a full range of discounts, it is advisable to actually ask for them. In most cases, you should receive the reductions that you are entitled to.

Am I being treated as a valued customer even before I make a purchase or am I being charged for the privilege of receiving these auto insurance quotes?

Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes never takes a commission for acting as an intermediate between our customers and A-rated carriers. We only provide free auto insurance quotes and there is never any obligation to actually make a subsequent purchase. We firmly believe that by offering some of the best auto insurance rates in the country, our reputation should be allowed to speak for itself. No gimmicks. No hidden charges. No obligation to buy. It really is that simple!

Does the policy application process seem unnecessarily difficult?

Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes offer a wide range of different policies that are available for comparison purposes within a matter of minutes. There are no lengthy forms to complete and no personal information will be required. As well as saving you time and money on your auto insurance rates, we understand that your privacy is important to you. We never pass on your details to other parties because we don’t ask for them in the first place! There will be no unsolicited junk mail in your inbox and no nuisance telephone calls from persistent sales representatives.