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Illinois Auto Insurance: Proof of Coverage

Illinois drivers are required to have insurance coverage in place, and they must also be able to provide proof of insurance when asked to do so. One situation where you would need to demonstrate that you have coverage is if you are stopped by a police officer. If you happen to be involved in an accident, you will also need to provide your insurance information to the other driver.

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You need to carry proof of insurance in your vehicle. It’s a good idea to put your card in the glove compartment so that it’s always handy in case you need it. When you buy a new policy or your insurance is renewed from year to year, you will receive an updated card setting out the name of your insurance company, the policy number and the date your policy expires.

If you buy your Illinois car insurance online, you may be able to get your proof of insurance right away. Once you have made your payment, the company will issue a card that you can use until you get a permanent one.

When you register your vehicle in Illinois, you will be asked to sign the Vehicle Renewal Registration Application form as part of the process. Your signature on the document is considered your promise that you will keep proper insurance in place as long as the vehicle is registered in the state.

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