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Illinois Auto Insurance Discounts

No one wants to pay extra for car insurance coverage, and Illinois auto insurance discounts can help to take the sting out of buying this necessary protection. There are a number of potential discounts that are available, and asking about them should be part of the insurance-buying process.

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For example, driving a car with an anti-theft device should mean getting a break on pricing. The device could be a car alarm or a unit that shuts off the ignition if the car is being driving by an unauthorized person. If the vehicle a policyholder is currently driving doesn’t have this feature, it’s a good idea to check with the insurance company before having one installed to make sure it makes sense financially to do so.

Drivers who have received a good education by passing a defensive driver course may be rewarded by paying lower car insurance rates. Anything that a car insurance buyer can do to reduce the level of risk that he or she presents as an applicant will help to keep costs down. Checking with the insurer to get a list of approved programs will help make choosing one easier.

Other auto insurance discounts available to Illinois drivers include ones for low annual mileage, storing the vehicle in a locked garage and buying car insurance from the same company that holds a homeowners or commercial policy (multi-policy discount).

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