IL Auto Insurance Q&A

How can Promiga help me save money on my IL auto insurance?

We dedicate ourselves to providing excellent customer service which is supported by the ‘A’ rated companies we work with. We only deal with expert carriers to bring you a vast range of IL auto insurance quotes from the best companies in the industry. We work in the safe knowledge that all of our policies offer competitive premiums and unbeatable coverage.

Will my IL auto insurance meet the state minimum requirements?

Our reputable IL auto insurance partners are fully licensed to operate in the state of Illinois. Every one of our reputable carriers offers the mandatory levels of IL auto insurance as a minimum level of coverage. However, consumers are advised to purchase additional coverage as long as it is affordable to do so.

Can I make policy additions to improve my levels of IL auto insurance coverage?

This is a personal choice and any policy enhancements should be made based on your vehicle and the type of coverage you want. At Promiga, all of our policies can be tweaked so that comprehensive insurance, collision coverage and roadside assistance are included. With improved coverage, you will be covered for all eventualities and you can use your vehicle with complete peace of mind.

What discounts will I qualify for on my IL auto insurance??

As long as you qualify for discounts, reductions can be made for your age, driving history, mileage coverage and for any safety and security features you have fitted to your car. Talk to your prospective insurer to find out more about discounts.

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