How your Seatbelts could affect your Missouri Auto Insurance Quotes

Did you realize that your seatbelt can actually affect your Missouri auto insurance quotes? If you are a driver in the ‘Show-Me’ State, you need to be aware of the secondary seatbelt laws that apply. If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer for a routine traffic check, you could face a penalty if passengers in your vehicle aren’t safely buckled up.

The law is particularly stringent on passengers under the age of 16 years old and further penalties could be enforced if juveniles inside your vehicle are caught without seatbelts in place. During a routine traffic check, road users in Missouri may be asked to provide proof of current auto insurance coverage and failure to do so could see motorists losing their driving privileges for up to one year.

Any penalties incurred will result in an entry being placed on the driving record of a motorist and this can ultimately lead to higher auto insurance rates and more expensive car insurance quotes. In the longer-term, road users may find it much more difficult to obtain cheap auto insurance coverage but the Promiga website operates in conjunction with a host of leading carriers to bring our customers some of the best online auto insurance quotes in the current marketplace.

By supplying a Missouri ZIP code, road users can obtain a wide range of free auto insurance quotes with just the click of a button and these can be compared so that the best combination of coverage and price can be obtained. All of our online auto insurance quotes are provided on an obligation-free basis and your personal details will never be forwarded to third party companies or other price comparison websites.

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