How your Age Affects your Australian Auto Insurance Quotes

There are many different factors that can affect auto insurance quotes for road users in Australia but one of the most prominent reasons for exorbitant auto insurance rates is age. Young drivers tend to get the rough end of the deal when it comes to purchasing a policy because of some very frightening accident statistics. Young drivers actually contribute to twice the annual Australian accident death rate in comparison to road users of all other age groups.

Naturally, this makes auto insurance an expensive commodity for vehicle owners under the age of 25. Young male drivers account for 31% of all road traffic accident fatalities while young female motorists make up a further 19%. This leaves underwriters in a perilous position whenever the vehicle of a younger driver is being insured and subsequently, auto insurance rates are driven up considerably.

To combat the rising cost of auto insurance quotes, there are a number of factors that young drivers should consider before purchasing a policy:

  • Always stick to small cars with a low engine capacity
  • Avoid expensive modifications that increase performance or make your vehicle a target for vandalism
  • Drive defensively at all times to build up a safe driving history
  • Take an advanced driving course to increase your skills behind the wheel and demonstrate your levels of responsibility to prospective auto insurance carriers
  • Ensure your vehicle is fitted with as many aftermarket safety features as possible
  • Always use a price comparison website to find cheap auto insurance quotes

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