How will an Accident affect my Auto Insurance Quotes?

Accidents can happen to any road user irrespective of how carefully they drive. A momentary lapse in concentration or the actions of another driver can quickly draw motorists into a potential impact situation and in many cases, the accident will ultimately lead to expensive auto insurance quotes in the future.

Naturally, there will be some situations where your auto insurance rates remain unaffected but in the majority of cases, premiums will usually rise in the wake of a road traffic accident.  Much will depend on the state you live in and which driver was responsible for the accident. The US has two different systems in place and these are known as the Tort and no-fault methods.

In Tort states, responsibility is assigned to the driver who was at fault in an accident and any subsequent claims are made on their auto insurance policy. The system varies greatly in no-fault states and each driver will usually claim on their own policy. It is therefore more likely that you will be financially penalized more in no-fault states than you will in areas that apply the Tort method.

It is often advisable to check and see whether your auto insurance company offers accident forgiveness as part of their service. This particular feature will usually allow drivers one accident without an increase in auto insurance rates and serves as an excellent way of protecting your current coverage plan. When obtaining auto insurance quotes, accident forgiveness is an important consideration that should be purchased wherever possible.

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