How to Make a Claim Under a Saskatchewan Auto Insurance Policy

A person who wants to make a claim under a Saskatchewan auto insurance policy should notify the company promptly. The policy language will specify the time limit for reporting the claim. It’s not uncommon for the time limit for making a claim to be seven days.

A policyholder is required to report an accident to the insurer if it is serious enough to be reported to the police. If the policyholder intends to make a claim for benefits, the insurance company must also be informed.

The policy provisions will state the time limit for filing a proof of loss form to claim damages after the accident. In most cases, this form must be forwarded to the insurer within 90 days. If the form is submitted late, the insurance company may not be legally bound to honor the terms of the insurance contract. Most companies will do so within 12 months if there is a compelling reason why the claim was not made within the time stated in the contract.

A person who will be making a claim against another driver should let that person know right away. The other driver’s insurance company should also be informed of the claim, since not all drivers will pass this information on to their insurance company in a timely manner.

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