How to Make a Claim for Virginia Car Insurance Coverage

If you are involved in an accident and need to make a claim on your Virginia car insurance coverage, contact your insurance company right away. If your car has been stolen or damaged, file a police report.

In the case of an accident, take pictures of your vehicle and submit them to your insurance provider. The insurance company’s adjuster will also want to see images of the location where the accident occurred. Taking pictures of your injuries after the accident is also a good idea, since it can help you establish your claim for damages

Keep receipts for any medical bills you incur that are related to injuries sustained in the accident. If you needed to rent a car, hang on to the records for this as well. Any other expenses relating to the accident should be tracked so that you can submit them as part of your claim for damages.

Once the Virginia car insurance company receives the claim, it will assign an adjuster to the file. The more information you can provide, the quicker and easier it will be for the claim to be settled.

Do get your own estimate of the value of the damage caused to your vehicle. It may be different from the level of damage the insurance company’s adjuster comes up with. You  always have the option of asking for an independent appraisal of the damage to your vehicle before accepting the insurer’s settlement offer.