How to Get UK Car Insurance when the Computer says No! (Part Two)

Being refused a car insurance policy might seem embarrassing initially, but investigate the reason behind it and the problem will usually be a simple one:


Most car insurance companies have predefined age cut-off points at opposite ends of the spectrum. Young drivers and old drivers alike can find themselves in a situation where a policy is refused, but there is no need to worry. Just because one car insurance company can’t help you, there will always be another one that can.


Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing your postcode wiping out the entire car insurance quote application process. Unfortunately, the place in which you live frequently determines how much you have to pay for car insurance coverage, or even if you can be insured at all. Some carriers refuse to insure car and drivers from high-risk areas but once again, a little searching will soon reveal car insurance companies that will.


 Accident statistics and previous claim histories influence the type of cars that car insurance companies will offer coverage for. If your preferred make and model of car has a track record for being involved in a larger number of accidents, or if repair cost for the model are usually quite high, you will often be declined half way through the application process.

This type of problem highlights the difficulties involved in dealing with inferior price comparison websites. At Promiga, we only work alongside the best car insurance companies in the world to ensure our customers can find detailed coverage at the right price every time they use our services.