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How to Get the Lowest West Virginia Car Insurance for Teens

West Virginia car insurance buyers who want to make sure that the teen driver in their household is covered without paying an arm and a leg for this protection should consider their options carefully. A change circumstances like this is a good time to re-evaluate the type and level of coverage that a parent has in place. Rather than buy a separate policy for the teen driver, a more economical choice is to add him or her to a parent’s policy as an occasional driver. This arrangement can stay in place until the teen moves out of the parent’s home.

Getting quotes from several car insurance providers is a good strategy to find the best rates for a policy where a teen driver is being added. Pricing can vary significantly between providers, and adding a teen to a policy will likely mean that the parent will be paying higher rates for his or her coverage since new drivers present a higher risk for coverage purposes.

When shopping around for coverage for a teen driver in WV, a parent should be sure to ask about discounts the company offers. Some of them offer preferred rates to students who are able to maintain a “B” average or higher. A good student discount can help a parent save on the cost of the policy.

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