How to Get the Best Saskatchewan Car Insurance Rates for Teens

Teen drivers are risky to insure because they are more inclined to take risks and have less experience behind the wheel than more mature drivers. All drivers in Saskatchewan must have insurance in place, and there are some ways to keep costs for young drivers down.

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One thing that a young person can do to get a better rate for car insurance coverage is to take a driver’s education course. To get a discount on coverage for this reason, the driving school must be on the insurance company’s “approved” list. Before signing up for lessons, it’s a good idea to check with the insurer to confirm that the school being considered is recognized by the company.

When it comes to getting better rates on Saskatchewan car insurance, being a good student does help. Insurance companies may offer discounts of between 5-20 percent on the cost of coverage to young people who are able to maintain a B average or better in school.

The most economical way to get car insurance for a teen driver is to add him or her onto the parents’ existing car insurance policy. It’s much cheaper to allow the teen to drive a parent’s car than to buy a car for them to use. The teen should be reminded about the importance of keeping a spotless driving record to keep Saskatchewan car insurance rates low.

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