How to Get the Best Rates on Oklahoma Auto Insurance Coverage for Teens

Insuring teen drivers can be expensive, and the following tips will help to keep Oklahoma auto insurance coverage costs down. A change in circumstances, such as a teen getting his or her license, is a good time to evaluate the current coverage and make any changes necessary to make sure that the right type and level of coverage is in place.

1. Encourage the teen driver to take an approved driver’s education course.

A number of insurance companies offer better prices to young drivers who have successfully completed a formal training course. Before signing up for one, contact the insurance provider to find out which ones are recognized and to confirm the amount of the discount.

2. Consider increasing the policy deductible.

Making the decision to pay more toward the cost of settling a claim personally means lower premium rates for drivers. Increasing the policy deductible to $1,000 can make the cost of covering  a teen driver more affordable.

3. Ask about discounts for good students.

Students who maintain a “B” average or better can qualify for a discount on the cost of their auto insurance coverage. This discount is offered to full-time high school and college students (up to a certain age).

4. Let the insurer know if the teen is going away to college.

If a young person will be away from home for several months of the year and will not be driving during that time, let the insurance company know so that the policy premiums can be adjusted to reflect this fact.

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