How to Get the Best Rates on North Dakota Auto Insurance for Students

Students and young adults pay the highest rates for their North Dakota auto insurance coverage. Statistically, young people are more likely to be involved in accidents, which makes them riskier to insure than people who are older and have more experience behind the wheel.

The insurance companies know that young males are more likely than drivers in other age groups to take chances when behind the wheel. This risk-taking behavior means that they are categorized as part of a high-risk group for car insurance purposes. While a student can’t change his or her age or level of experience, there are ways to save on coverage costs.

One way to keep costs for North Dakota auto insurance for students down is to add the new driver onto a parent’s existing car insurance policy. The rate will go up, but not as much as if the student tried to buy an individual policy. A change in circumstances like this one is a good time for the parent to shop around to make sure he or she is getting the best rate for auto insurance coverage. Taking the time to get quotes from a number of companies may reveal that you can get better rates from a different provider.

A student can qualify for better rates by successfully completing an approved driver’s education course. The program will help them learn how to operate the vehicle safely, as well as provide instruction on traffic laws.