How to Get the Best Alberta Car Insurance Rates

Alberta car insurance rates have been dropping over the last year, but that doesn’t mean that residents of the province should be less than vigilant about looking for the best deals on their coverage. One way to qualify for the best pricing is to maintain a clean driving record. New drivers who have taken a recognized driver’s education course may be entitled to better rates because they have taken formal lessons.

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Buying car insurance from the same company that sold you your home or commercial insurance policy is another way to get better rates. Bundling more than one policy with the same company is a great way to save on premium rates for all of them.

The most important thing that a car insurance consumer can do to get the best pricing is to make a point of reviewing the coverage annually. Go through the policy carefully to determine if there are any provisions that are no longer needed. For example, it may not make sense to have collision coverage in place on an older vehicle with little cash value. Removing it from the policy would be a money-saving move.

After reviewing the existing policy, the next step is to get quotes from other insurance companies. Spending some time online to get pricing can mean a significant saving in premium rates. Customers should plan to do this several weeks before the existing policy is due to expire so they can arrange to switch companies, if desired.

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