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How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance in Rhode Island

If you want to get cheaper car insurance in Rhode Island, start by reviewing your existing coverage. Go through the policy documents carefully to make sure that your coverage does not include any extras.

Choosing to increase your policy deductible is another way to keep car insurance costs down. When an insurance buyer agrees to pay more toward the cost of settling a claim personally, the insurance company is assuming a lower level of risk and can charge lower premium rates. Before making the decision to increase the deductible, the policyholder should consider his or her financial situation very carefully. Keeping rates down is an attractive concept, but not if the deductible is at a level that will cause the policyholder financial hardship if he or she has an incident with the car.

Policyholders should make a point of reviewing their RI car insurance coverage at least once a year. This procedure should be performed a couple of months before the existing policy is up for renewal to allow the driver to make note of the type and level of coverage that he or she currently has in place and to shop around to get pricing from other providers.

If a driver finds a company that can provide better rates for the level of protection he or she needs, the new policy should be purchased before the old one is canceled to avoid a lapse in coverage.


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