How to Get Cheap High Risk Car Insurance

If a motorist wants to qualify for cheap high-risk car insurance, they will need to establish the reasons behind their high-risk categorization. There are a number of different levels to auto insurance and the element of risk can vary greatly between each tier. Understanding why you have been assessed as a high-risk driver may eventually help to reduce insurance costs.

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Motorists with DUI and DWI convictions on their driving records will inevitably be classed as high-risk drivers and this will be reflected in prices relating to a new insurance deal. If you are already using an existing insurance company, they may be able to supply you with competitively priced insurance based on your record prior to the DUI or DWI incidents. Although premiums may increase a little, you may find that an existing insurer might not penalize you as heavily as a new one. Previous good payment records, claim-free driving and first offence DUI/DWI convictions may be treated with a sympathetic approach by your insurers and you may not be punished as heavily as you thought

If there is a chance that you fall into a high-risk category, it may be beneficial to run additional checks with other insurance companies before settling on a policy to see if they penalize high-risk drivers as heavily. Contacting your local DMV and checking your record for any violations that may be unpaid or wrongly attributed can also be worthwhile. At the same time, checking your credit history might turn out to be beneficial. This will give you the chance to find out everything that financial organizations have on record about you. Often, you might find you’re simply being penalized for living in a particular area and you may be able to contest this with your insurance carrier.

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