How to Get Car Insurance if Your Coverage has Lapsed

If your car insurance coverage has lapsed, you may find it difficult to get insurance. Many insurance companies will refuse to offer coverage to a driver who has been without insurance for a time.

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It is illegal in most parts of the United States to drive without proper insurance in place. If you get caught driving without coverage, you are looking at a hefty fine, and you also don’t have protection in place if you damage someone else’s property or injure the occupants of the other car in an accident.

Arranging coverage after your policy has lapsed can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Some companies will offer coverage to drivers who are currently uninsured. To find them, you can contact a few companies directly to see if they will consider taking on a driver who is currently uninsured.

Another option for a person who is currently uninsured and needs to get coverage in place fast is to contact an independent insurance agent for help. These individuals have the expertise to shop the market to find a company willing to offer to insure you.

The agent can discuss the coverage options that are available to you in your situation and provide you with a car insurance quote. The agent can help you to arrange coverage, as well.

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