How to Get Best Rates for Young Car Insurance Buyers

Young car insurance buyers pay some of the highest rates for coverage of anyone on the road, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try to find the best possible rates for their coverage. If the young person is living at home, one effective strategy for keeping costs down is to add him or her to parent or other adult member of the household’s policy as an occasional driver. This is much more economical than taking out a new policy in a teen’s name.

Some insurance providers offer preferred prices to students who get good grades. A person who has the diligence and work ethic required to maintain a “B” average or higher is considered to be a responsible individual in other areas of his or her life as well, including when he or she is behind the wheel. When shopping for car insurance for a young driver, be sure to ask about good student discounts.

A young person who has successfully completed an approved driver’s education program may qualify for a discount on his or her coverage as well. Contact the insurance company for a list of approved programs before enrolling. A person who is already licensed should ask whether taking a defensive driving program will help him or her qualify for lower coverage rates.

Shopping around for coverage is one of the best ways to avoid overpaying for car insurance coverage. Rates vary between providers and it is possible to find significant savings by taking the time to gather quotes from several providers.

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