How to Get an Insurance Quotation Online

I want to use the internet to purchase my car insurance. What should I do?

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Although most insurers have their own websites, many consumers prefer the convenience of price comparison websites. Although these resources deal with many different products, car insurance is something of a specialized area for most of them.

What do I need to do?

Once you have found a price comparison site, you will be asked to create an account. This will usually involve supplying your e-mail address and creating a password. This can be done in confidence as most price comparison websites don’t hand out your details to other parties without your consent. Also, having an account will help you retrieve information more quickly on future visits.

What other details do I need to supply?

You will need to supply personal details such as your name, address and telephone number. From there, you will be prompted for information about the vehicle you are looking to insure and there will also be questions about your recent driving history over the last three years.

What is this information used for?

The information will be used to establish the price of a policy with a multiple number of insurance companies who are affiliated to the price comparison website. This will give you the opportunity to compare multiple quotes on screen without the inconvenience of having to visit a large number of different sites.

Is there anything I should be wary of?

In principle, this is an extremely safe and effective method of purchasing car insurance. However, it pays to be as accurate as possible with the information you provide as any inaccurate entries can lead to a policy being declared void.

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