How to Get a Free California Auto Insurance Quote

Is there really such a thing as a free California auto insurance quote, or are these pie-in-the-sky promises from unscrupulous companies and price comparison websites nothing more than a scheme to lure you in before parting you from your hard-earned cash? In many instances, that’s exactly what happens! However, Promiga are just that little bit different and when we say we’ll give you a free California auto insurance quote, that’s exactly what we’ll give you!

Still doubtful and don’t see why we should be giving away free California auto insurance quotes while our competitors charge expensive fees and commissions on their websites? In truth, there are no incredible secrets, no mysterious agreements between us and our partners and definitely no hidden charges.

We’ve worked hard to earn ourselves a reputation as one of the best auto insurance price comparison websites on the planet, and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to preserve the way our customers perceive us. That’s why we only work with industry giants that carry the best auto insurance ratings. Like ourselves, our partners are seasoned market professionals who don’t need to hide behind snazzy advertising and clever deals to do business.

Instead, we work together to make sure your free California auto insurance quote is exactly right for you. Because our chosen providers are hand-selected based on their own excellent reputations, we know you’ll always be dealing with a legally licensed operator that can offer the minimum mandatory levels of 25/30/5 auto insurance coverage and more.

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