How to Find Cheap Quebec Car Insurance

If your goal is to find cheap Quebec car insurance, there are some things you can do to avoid paying more than you have to for coverage. Consumers are covered under the provincial insurance plan for the liability portion of their policy, but can choose to buy their collision and/or comprehensive coverage from one of the companies licensed to do business in Quebec.

To keep your coverage costs down, consider increasing your policy deductible. When you choose to pay a higher amount out of pocket after a loss, the insurer will reward you with lower premium rates. Do consider whether the amount of the deductible you are considering is something you can afford, though. You don’t want to set it so high that it will cause financial hardship is you are involved in a collision or experience another type of loss.

You may also want to consider dropping the collision coverage on an older vehicle. If it is damaged to the extent that it is considered a write-off, the insurance company will only write a check for its Blue Book value, not the cost of replacing the vehicle.

Another way to get cheap Quebec car insurance is to buy your coverage from the same company that insures your home or business. Buying multiple policies from the same insurer can mean getting a discount on both of them. You can also shop around online for coverage to make sure you are getting the best deal.