How to File a Claim with Your New Hampshire Auto Insurance Company

You are required to report the fact that you have been involved in an accident to your New Hampshire auto insurance company immediately, whether you intend to file a claim or not. The other driver may file a claim against you for damages. The sooner your insurance company knows about this possibility, the better prepared it will be to deal with it.

When an accident occurs, contact the police and report the incident. If possible, move the vehicle to the side of the road so that it doesn’t incur any further damage after the initial collision. You will need to get a copy of the police report and forward it to your insurance company. If

If your claim is for physical damage to your vehicle, take pictures of the the car. The insurance adjuster will want to see the car before you have it repaired. If you have an image of what the car looked like before the incident, provide this as well. The insurer has a duty to bring your car back to the state it was in before the accident.

It is to your advantage to co-operate with the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim. The process will run smoother and the matter will be resolved much more quickly if you do so.