How to Complain About Your West Virginia Auto Insurance

There may be times when you are dealing with a West Virginia auto insurance company and you have a complaint. The best way to proceed is to give the insurance company or your agent a chance to resolve the situation first. You may be able to get the matter resolved at this level without having to take it any further.

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Contact the company or your agent directly to discuss the issue. You will want to have any supporting documents handy to refer to. The focus of the discussion should be on the issue at hand and what you would like the insurance company to do to resolve it, as opposed to losing your temper and taking it out on whoever you happen to be talking to.

If you can’t get the matter resolved at this level, contact the insurance company and ask to speak to a supervisor in the customer service department. That is the next logical step in solving a dispute with your West Virginia auto insurance provider, and you can still appeal the decision if you aren’t satisfied.

Contacting the West Virginia Insurance Commission should be considered a last resort when you have a dispute with your insurance company. However, if you have been unable to resolve the matter with the company, you do have the option of filing a complaint with the Commission. The insurance company will be asked to respond to your complaint and the Commission will determine whether the company acted appropriately.

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