How to Choose an Oregon Car Insurance Company

How to Choose an Oregon Car Insurance Company

Oregon car insurance coverage is not a luxury; it is required by law. Consumers can choose which company they want to deal with, and should consider their options carefully before making a decision.

Premium costs are an important part of choosing an Oregon car insurance company, but rates aren’t the only thing that customers should be focused on. Shopping around and getting quotes from several companies is the best way to find affordable rates for car insurance coverage.

Going online to look for auto insurance also gives the customer the chance to find out more about the companies he or she is considering. Not only should it offer good rates, but it should be a financially stable corporation. To find out about an insurance company’s financial status, check out one of these rating organizations:

A.M. Best Company

Fitch Research

Standard and Poor’s

Moody’s Investor Services

These organizations may charge a fee for the information. An Oregon car insurance customer will want to be sure that the company they are considering has a good rating, which is an indication that it has the financial resources in place to pay out on claims made against the policies it issues.

Another factor that should be considered is how well the car insurance company treats its customers. The state government publishes complaint statistics for auto insurance companies, as well as other insurance providers, on its website.

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