How to Cancel a West Virginia Car Insurance Policy

The steps you need to take to cancel a West Virginia car insurance policy will be listed in the documents you receive from your insurer. It’s important to follow the instructions to the letter to make sure that the company updates its records appropriately. If you simply stop making payments on your current policy, the insurance company will cancel the coverage for non-payment, but you will also be reported to the state Department of Motor Vehicles for driving without insurance.

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You will likely have to notify the car insurance company in writing that you want to cancel your policy. In your letter, be sure that you include your full name and address, as well as your policy number. Explain clearly that you want the company to terminate your coverage as of a specific date.

To confirm that the insurer has received the letter, send it by registered mail or have a courier company deliver it for you. It’s a good idea to confirm the company’s mailing address in advance and ask whether you should be sending your letter to a specific department or person.

If you are canceling your coverage before your policy is due to expire and you have paid premiums in advance, you may be entitled to a refund as of the date your coverage end. Be sure to ask if this is the case how long it will take to process it.

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