How Realistic are your Auto Insurance Quotes?

Online auto insurance quotes have become the most popular commodity for road users who are looking to secure excellent levels of coverage without having to pay extortionate premiums for the privilege. Information is easily accessible, multiple online auto insurance quotes can be compared within minutes and the competitive nature of the current marketplace means carriers have to drop their prices in order to secure new business.

Unfortunately, many consumers find great auto insurance quotes only to see the rates increase dramatically once they’re in direct contact with an individual carrier. There are several reasons why this happens:

  • Some price comparison websites rarely refresh their resources with the latest auto insurance information
  • Some auto insurance carriers provide online auto insurance quotes with discounts that don’t apply to many individual drivers
  • In many cases, only a minimum number of free auto insurance quotes are provided at special premiums before the price increases

For much of the time, consumers are in the hands of websites and carriers that simply want to secure a sale at the highest possible price to maximize their profits and many motorists are falling foul of the underhand tactics that are used to win their business.

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, our A-rated carriers specialize in offering authentic premiums with every policy offer. Obtaining our online auto insurance quotes couldn’t be easier and nothing more than a local ZIP code is required. Every free auto insurance quote is provided on an obligation-free basis and we never implement any hidden fees or commissions once you decide to purchase a policy through our dedicated website.

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