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How Much Is Car Insurance in Tennessee?

If you have been wondering, “How much is car insurance in Tennessee?” the answer is that the average driver in the state pays less than the national average for his or her coverage. Drivers in the state paid $974, on average, for their car insurance in 2011. This figure is significantly lower than the national average, which is $1,441.

Even though Tennessee car insurance buyers pay less than the national average for their coverage, it doesn’t mean that residents of the state should not be proactive about finding the best rates for their coverage. Making a point of shopping around and comparing rates from different providers is an effective way to avoid overpaying for car insurance protection.

Another way to keep costs down is to ask about available discounts. A number of insurance providers offer discounts in several circumstances. Examples of possible price breaks include:

  • Multi-vehicle
  • Multi-policy
  • Good student
  • Low annual mileage
  • Good driver
  • Safety device
  • Anti-theft device

To keep coverage costs down, be sure to maintain a clean driving record. Staying accident free can mean qualifying for lower rates on coverage. Insurance providers look at past events to determine the level of risk that the applicant presents. Drivers who are considered more likely to make claims against their insurance policy are charged higher rates for their coverage.

Make a point of reviewing car insurance coverage at least once a year to ensure that the right type and level of coverage is in place. and get rates from multiple providers before renewing an existing policy.


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