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How Much is Car Insurance in OH?

If you are wondering about the answer to the question, “How much is car insurance in OH?,” here’s the scoop. The average cost of coverage for consumers in this state in 2011 is $957. This rate is significantly lower than the national average for auto insurance, which is running at $1,441.

Even if a customer is paying at or less than the state average for his or her coverage, it doesn’t mean that he or she should not be prepared to shop around to avoid overpaying for this protection. In this tort state, all drivers must have third party liability protection in place.

Buying a policy that provides only the minimum level of coverage required by law is one strategy for keeping costs down, but doing so may not provide enough coverage to fully pay for damages caused if the accident is a serious one. Instead of buying a policy based on price, a much wiser choice is to first consider how much coverage a particular driver needs and then buy a policy which will offer the right level of protection at the best price.

Asking about available discounts is another good strategy for consumers who want to keep their OH car insurance costs down. Insurance providers may offer price breaks in a number of circumstances and it’s possible for a driver to qualify for more than one. Buying a homeowners’ and auto insurance policy from the same company is one way to save. Discounts for multiple vehicles, paying the premium in full and low annual mileage also help consumers save.

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