How Much is Car Insurance in CO?

Consumers who are wondering, “how much is car insurance in CO?” need to understand that pricing will vary, depending on the individual customer. The amount of coverage that an individual wants to put in place is one factor. Generally speaking, a policy with a higher policy limit will cost more than one with a lower level of protection.

Another factor that effects pricing for car insurance in Colorado is the applicant’s driving history. The insurance company will want to know how long the applicant has been licensed and whether he or she has been involved in any at-fault accidents over the past three-five years. Having traffic tickets on a driving record will also have an effect on rates, and will mean higher insurance costs.

The make and model of the car being insured is another factor that CO car insurance companies look at when setting rates. Some cars are more expensive to insure because they are more expensive to repair or due to the amount of damage they are likely to cause to another vehicle in a collision. (SUVs are traditionally more expensive to insure for this reason.)

Location is another factor that matters when you are thinking, “how much is car insurance in CO?” A customer who lives in an area where a lot of car thefts have been reported is going to pay more for his or her coverage than an individual who resides in an area that doesn’t have that type of demographic.